Dermatological Surgery

Dermatological Surgery

Dermatologic surgery is the treatment of medically necessary and cosmetic skin, nail, and hair conditions by various surgical methods. It is also called dermatological surgery.

Our Dermatological Surgery Services include


Biopsies are usually undertaken for confirmation of diagnosis in case of conflicting clinical diagnosis. To rule out malignant conditions, Skin biopsies entail taking a small specimen 2-4 mm in size, which is sent for processing and pathological diagnosis to further give the right line of treatment.


Electrocautery for warts, corns, molluscum contagiosum, skin tags, DPN’s, benign growths etc. For Warts and Corns below the feet.


Cryosurgery is a process which involves “freezing” of warts, benign growths and other such lesions with the help of liquid nitrogen.
After application of the gas typically a blister forms after a few days and the lesion falls of subsequently. Cryotherapy is also used for keloids in combination with other treatments to give optimal outcomes.


Intralesionalcortisone injections are typically given in order to soften keloids and decrease the itching and pain associated with them – these maybe combined with certain enzymes, cryotherapy and /or BTX for optimal outcomes.


Conventional thin split thickness skin grafting (STSG) technique is the most commonly practiced and the most successful amongst of all methods of vitiligo surgery. 
Split thickness skin graft (STSG) requires surgical skill, and training and Dr Rajat has been trained by his mentor Dr Kandhari at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi and also has co-authored the chapter with her on Split thickness grafting in the Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India textbook, a bible of sorts for Indian Dermato-surgeons.


Comedone extraction
Removal of black heads and white heads with proper technique to avoid marks and open pores.
Electrofulguration of closed comedones
Intralesional injections for nodulocystic/keloidal lesions – Intralesional injections maybe given for stubborn nodules and cysts of acne to give the patient instant relief and prevent further marks and scarring on the face.


The dermaroller technique involves the use of fine needles on a roller (the dermaoller device) being used to induce collagen remodeling / stimulation for the skin. Further of late the device has been successfully used to stimulate hair growth on the scalp as well, in the form of an add on treatment to normal medical therapy.

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