Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Whether your injury, aches and pains are new or longstanding our Physiotherapists are specially trained to deliver the very best treatment approaches to help you get better, including:

Exercise therapy

Physiotherapists use exercise to help patients improve movement, flexibility and strength to reduce pain in both the short and long term. Nuffield Health Physiotherapists are trained to ensure every patient receives the right exercise program and they will support you to learn and carry out the program to make sure you get the most from your treatment.

Aqua Therapy

Aquatic therapy (or Hydrotherapy) involves exercise and rehabilitation in water. This is an effective way of assisting muscle and joint rehabilitation (and alleviating other conditions) in an environment that helps to relax and support the body’s weight. As well as assisting with movement, Hydrotherapy can provide pain relief in some patients as well. Hydrotherapy patients do not need to be able to swim (although it would be beneficial to inform your physiotherapist of this in advance).

Joint mobilisation & soft tissue techniques

Hands-on treatment to joints and muscles can help reduce patient’s pain and allow the body to start to move more freely. Physiotherapists may use these techniques on patients alongside other treatment approaches such as exercise therapy to help patients get better quicker.


Acupuncture refers to the insertion of sterile, single-use needles into specific points of the body to help relieve pain and symptoms. All Health Physiotherapists delivering acupuncture have undertaken specialist training in this area.

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